Windows Automatic Updates Annoyance

Lately, I’ve been dealing with the Windows XP Automatic Updates restart nag screen for quite some time now. I am normally pretty busy and have tons of apps open along with several browsers with several tabs. Even though it doesn’t take long for my computer to reboot, I would rather do it at the end of the day.
To keep from hulking out like The Incredible Hulk and thrashing my laptop, (just kidding I would never do that) after clicking the Restart Later button for the tenth time, I decided to stop being lazy and figure out how to shut it off.

It turns out to be pretty easy.
You can either use the command line to shut off the Automatic Updates service or manually shut it off in the Services panel.

To shut it off manually:
1. Go to Start->Control Panel->Administrative Tools and double-click on Services.
2. Right-click on Automatic Updates and select Stop.

An even faster way to do this is to select Start>Run> type “services.msc” and press ok or tap enter on the keyboard. This will bring you to the services control panel applet.

To use the command line:
1. Go to Start->Run. Type in “cmd” without quotes to open up the command line.
2. Now, type in “net stop wuauserv” without quotes and hit Enter.

You could go even a step further and make a batch file on your desktop to click on in case your forget these steps.

Just copy and paste the following into notepad.

net stop wuauserv

Save it with a file name of stopwau.bat

You must choose All Files from the save as type box to actually save it as a batch file.

Save As

Or you could just download mine.

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