WARNING: Facebook Photo Comments

Recently while on Facebook I have been getting lots of notifications about someone “tagging” me in a photo, and its often from people that I would surely think do not have  a photo of me to even tag.

Lets say you just recently added a person that you really have never met, but you add them anyway. Later they tag you in a photo. How is that even possible?!?!?!

When have you ever had to add an app to see a comment on a photo? Never and you never will either. This is complete nonsense, and Facebook should really monitor the publication of apps better.

I have come to realize that this application looks official until you add it to your account. Once you add it, it should become clear that is it a false application created to get information out of your account. It is simply a trick to get your data! If you do click it you will  take you to an application confirmation screen, and want you to click to add it, when doing so I am sure through some sorta of technical magic that it is doing something mischievous.


At the bottom of any Facebook page you should see an Applications button. Click it then click on Edit Applications.

Click the “x” next to the application named “Photo Comments” and then as well to any other application that you might have no use for that are just taking up space or you are not using anymore.

Tell all your  friends about this or forward them this website. If you are on twitter, retweet this. If you are on Facebook, share it.

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