The iPhone Is Amazing

I know I have said this time and time again but it really is and it can only get better and better.

Yesterday I went out of town to go shopping before all the last minute hustlers and bustlers ruled the road as well as the mall. I cant stand to be in the mall or on the roads with too many people that are aimless. I mean I see them walking in the malls like zombies with no clue as what they are doing there other than to be in my way. Same goes for the roads. I saw several drivers that failed to yield or even stop at stop signs. It was a mess.

This is how it is year after year. I started Christmas shopping early several years ago to avoid this mess but this year I have slacked a little. Luckily before the week of Christmas I am done.

Anyways back to why the iPhone is amazing, I was traveling yesterday and I had this song rattling in my head for several days now. I had this song in my collection at home once but I have somehow lost it. The day before this trip I looked hard for it as I was preparing my iPhone and my USB Flash DriveUSB Flash Drive full of music to listen to while traveling.

My car stereo is amazing too. It can receive music from my iPhone over bluetooth as well as play music back from a USB flash drive.

So I had just about shuffled through all of my music and I was still thinking about that song that I didn’t have that I really wanted to hear.

As I was traveling down Interstate 240 and cars were zooming all around like it was the Autobahn or Indy 500 I did a semi dangerous thing and decided to use my iPhone while driving, and launch the iTunes app within it (which I never use) and see if I could find that song and say what the hell and purchase it if I found it. Can I do this while driving down the road? You bet your jiggawatts you can and with ease too! Just a few clicks and 4 minutes is all it took.


Here is the song. Its Amerie 1 Thing. Very catchy tune.

I think later of course used my TomTom app on the phone to navigate to another store. Listing to music while navigating, and I get a phone call in the middle of it all and the music fades, I answer the call over the stereo that is also kick butt, and after the call, the TomTom app goes right back the where it was, and the music resumes.


This phone is just amazing!!!

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