The Evil Google Toolbar

I recently read an article from Benjamin Edelman that contained a lot of detail on how the Google Toolbar is actually spying on your search habits and what you are looking for.

He writes “Run the Google Toolbar, and it’s strikingly easy to activate “Enhanced Features” — transmitting to Google the full URL of every page-view, including searches at competing search engines.”

This is even AFTER you disable it!

He has lots of data to back up his claim.

And to think I was going to write an article about how I loved and used Google Voice. I think I just changed my mind. They are surely recording and logging every piece of data that comes over the wire. Good thing I only use it as a catch all phone number. Ahhh meh, I still may write about it soon.

My advice on the Google Toolbar…uninstall it. It has no real purpose anymore anyways.

Read it here

Google Toolbar Tracks Browsing Even After Users Choose “Disable”

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