Video Demonstration of Downloading Torrents to the Media Center using the Iphone

Here is a quick video demonstrating what was covered in a previous article

How To Use Your Iphone to Download Torrents Remotely

I hope this video makes the article that it refers to clearer.

More on DynDns and Utorrent

A lot of my readers are asking what dyndns is and what is it for. Well let me devote an entire post to that and clear things up.

DynDns is a free service offered to those that have a dynamic IP address that changes often.

See if you visit right now it will show you your ip address. This is your address on the internet. Its like your home address only its in a digital world. gives you a free sub-domain that points to that number so that you don’t have to remember it and especially remember it each time it may change.

In a previous article I wrote about downloading torrents remotely, I discussed how I use along with my router to keep my IP address pointing to the name which I got for free from This way I could always access Utorrent while away from home using my iphone without the worry of remembering an IP address that could possibly change on me from time to time since I do not pay for a static IP address with my internet provider.

In order for to work for you, you will need to first visit their site and sign up for a free account. Then you will need to either use one of their free IP address update applications to run on your computer to keep your IP address changes synchronized with their database OR you may can set it up in your router if you have one.

I think its safe to say that almost all routers have a configuration page you can access from your web browser. To be able to access your routers web configuration you need to know its address internal to you network.

To figure out the address of your router do this. If you are on a windows computer click START then RUN and type the letters CMD and press enter. This will bring up a command prompt window. Now type in ipconfig /all in the window and press enter.

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How To Use Your Iphone to Download Torrents Remotely

Utorrent is great for downloading torrents. It has this wonderful web interface that allows you to paste in urls to torrents and have them download. You can use your browser to do this or even your iphone.

This is convenient if your work forbids you from downloading torrents.  I was once with some friends having dinner and one asks have I seen The Uninvited. I says no. Then I thought hey I can download that right now before I forget, so I broke out my iphone, opened safari, went to the bookmark I had set for, looked for the movie, copied the link, then opened a new page in safari and clicked on the bookmark I had set for my utorrent on my personal machine at home, then logged into it, pasted the url to the torrent in there and clicked go. It began to download. Everyone was amazed. About 25 minutes later as we were getting in the car, my phone churped and it was an email notifying me that the download was complete and ready to watch ( I still have not watched it yet).

Now I am going to show you how you can do exactly the same thing.

First we need to setup a account to turn your ip address into a name.

Your ip address is a number that your internet service provider or ISP for short assigns you to allow you internet access. Sometimes this number changes and it would be hard to remember so we need to turn this number into a name.

Here is a how to article from their website.

Register for a free account at  Agree to the site’s terms, and use a legitimate email address to complete registration. Once in awhile, DynDNS will email you at that address asking you to confirm that it continue your service.

Log into your new account. Go to the “My Services” area on the left side. Under “Host  Services” click “Add New HostName.” There, fill in the name you want to use.  DynDNS will autofill your IP address (if you’re doing this from your home computer). Choose a domain and type in a custom subdomain, which can be anything from or or something, like below:

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How To Make Media Center Download Torrents Automatically

I have been asked about my Windows Media Center setup and how I have it setup to automatically download tv shows and email me a message when they are complete for quite some time now. Well the time has now come, long awaited I know. I have been meaning to get around to this for well over 3 months now. Sorry about that but finally here it is.

First I think it would help if you read these articles first.

How to Install and Configure uTorrent

How to Install and Configure Peer Guardian

How to Spot the Best Torrents for Fast Downloads

Ok so like I was saying,  simply put, I have a computer tucked away in our tv armoire that is connected to our 42 inch HDTV, and it monitors RSS feeds for television shows that I tell it to look for, and it downloads them when they are available. When the download is complete, the computer sends an email notification that it is indeed finished and ready for viewing.

My Setup

Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
2.8 GHZ Intel Pentium D CPU x2
1.5 GiG Ram
500 Gig Harddrive
2 Video Capture Cards – Hauppauge WinTV PVR 150 with remote

I know its old but it has worked best for me for a long time now, since October 2006 I believe.  Media Center is Microsoft’s Digital Video Recorder, or DVR as most call it. You can pause and record live tv, schedule shows and movies to record for later viewing too.

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The Lowdown on BitTorrent

What is it?
BitTorrent is a file sharing system that lets you download really big files quickly.

How does it work?
Instead of downloading a file directly from another persons computer to yours, one person has the file and lets others download chunks of it bit by bit and each chunk that a person downloads is then passed on to the next person and so on and so forth. Its like a daisy chain.

Whats so good about it?

If lots of people are downloading a file, the chances of you being able to jump on and get it are greater than if you had to seek out that one person who has the complete file.
Can I download anything I want then?
Not quite. There are illegal torrents out there, but the BitTorrent community ismaturing with age. The BitTorrent Entertainment Network has recently been announced, and will let you download movies for as little as three dollars.

Ok where do I start?

You will need a BitTorrent client program to download torrents to start with.
You can get the official one at, but I particularly like uTorrent from
Once you have installed it you can click on bittorrent links at websites and it will open the program and them minimize the window so you can use your pc while continuing to download.