iPhone Earbud Replacement

I absolutely love my iPhone. It is the first phone that I have ever had that didn’t make me want to throw it against a wall at some point. However, the earbuds that same with it have bothered me since the beginning. They never stay in my oily ears and one of them already sounds like its busted and that was around month 5.

I run trails, hike, and bike ride a lot, so its very important to me that the earphones stay in my ears at all times. Sure I could use other sets of earbuds and be happy, but this is where Apple has you. See the ones that come with it control the built in ipod an phone calls perfectly.

You can buy the more expensive($80) apple in ear headphones (which I did and wished I hadn’t) which will surely stay in your ears and sound great, but believe it or not the volume control does not work using these and its well documented. Shame on you APPLE!!

For the longest time I have had great success running with a cheap $10 set of Sony earbuds that wrap around your ear. They sound great too, very loud. Now if only these were attached to my iPhone Cable so I could answer calls and skip tracks, this would be perfect. Hrmmm if only …..

Wait a minute…how hard can this really be? Surely someone else has done this before right? YES it has been done and its been documented already on YouTube.

After watching the video you will know all you need to know about completing this project. It took me all of 20 minutes to complete and its well worth it.

Here is the video.

Here are some photos I took with the iphone of the newly wired set with the blue sony wrap around the ear speakers, and I also took the Apple earbuds and put them back on the Sony cable so they were not a complete waste.

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