How To Share iPhone Applications with Other iPhones

Ok so I finally upgraded cellphones and got myself one of those new flashy 3G iPhones, and I must tell you its a great little device. I really really like love it. My wife also got one and she was a super blackberry power user reluctant to get rid of her Blackberry Curve, but once she messed with the iPhone for a little while, she too fell in love.

There are soo many great things about it that I could write for what seems like forever, but today I just wanted to cut to the chase about sharing applications that you have purchased from the app store.

See recently Apple opened up 3rd party apps in the app store. This means the other people can write apps and with  Apples approval, they will get published in the app store. The coders that make these apps offer dozens and dozens of new apps daily for pay or for free. Yes free….there are tons of apps for the iPhone for free. Why bother with jailbreaking these days? Oh sure maybe hacking it will allow the forwarding up sms messages or copy and paste, but thats coming in the next update anyways and updates come along often.

Ok back to the topic.

I have lots of free high quality apps on my phone right now. However there are some that are not free and I bought them. One evening I found scrabble in the app store and decided to get it. It was really neat and I discovered that I could play another user over wifi. Since my wife has one I asked her to purchase it and we could both play. She did and without a hitch it worked wonderfully and was a lot of fun.

Two weeks later I discovered she had another game that I used to really like. It was bejeweled. Unfortunatly it was not a free game and I wanted it. Me being the penny pincher that I am, my wheels started turning. I was thinking that when she backs up her phone the app is on her computer. How could I get that app onto my phone and not pay for it? At first I was thinking there was some file I would have to transfer over, but there is a much easier way.

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