Tips for saving your work

I have a simple tip for you this  time.

Save your work often. Told you it would be simple. Or is it?

Most computer users still DO NOT save their files until they are done working with them.

This is terrible. Anything can happen while you are working on a incredible spreadsheet, or that super novel in your favorite word processor.
The power could go out or maybe even a power surge, and believe me Battery Backup systems can and will fail; a program error could crash the Operating System; someone could trip over the power cord and yank it out of your system. Are you getting what I’m saying here? Anything can happen. Like Murphy’s Law reminds us, “If anything can go wrong, it will.”

Now as I write this document I am using Google docs ( which auto saves every few seconds.  That’s really nice, but most of us use Microsoft Word, so I will gear this towards those users.

First off, when you start your word document simply click FILE and SAVE AS and name it.
Now that you have done this, MSWORD has an auto save feature that will now auto save every ten minutes.

In the event of a crash, when you restart MSWORD, you will see a message popup in the auto recover pane, which will allow you to recover your work.
To shorten the default ten minute setting for this feature, go to tools/options then click the save tab and you will see the auto recover time setting.  Shorten it to whatever makes you feel comfortable.
One more thing to arm you with is the infamous CTRL + S which will save your work instantly, as soon and as often, as you press the magical key combination.  This works for most all applications.

Now you have no excuse, start saving your work!

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