Tom Tom GO 730

Hey everyone. Today I wanted to tell you all about my favorite GPS device for automotive use.

Its the Tom Tom Go 730 and I managed to get it brand new on eBay for $150 less than in stores.

I actually use it to navigate with and hands free calling as well as an mp3 player. I have it playing some of my mp3 collection through the audio out cable into my car stereo. If you wanted to take it with you in another car or friends car you could use the built in FM transmitter to listen to your mp3’s on their stereo.

One of the coolest things about it is when you have a cellphone paired with it via bluetooth and you are listening to your music, it will pause the music and take the call and when the call is over it will pick back up where the music was automatically paused. You can also set it to auto answer the call after a set number of seconds. This is nice if you want to limit how many times you take your hands off the wheel.

It has a battery so you can take it with you to another vehicle if you choose to do so. While its in my car I use the supplied 12v adapter and its tucked away nicely. This way when the power is turned off, you get 10 secs to choose whether you want it to stay on or turn off with the car. I always let it go off with the car and it resumes where it was when I start the car again.

As I said earlier its a great mp3 player and easy to navigate through the music to select tunes to play.

The navigation menus are a breeze and really make it easy to find what you are looking for.

It connects to my iphone with bluetooth as soon as I get in the car after the initial pairing. This also has my address book in sync with it which is really nice.
There is a listing of phones that is supports on TOM TOM’s website. Some phones allow the device to use the phones data connection to get out onto the internet and retrieve weather updates. There is also the capability with some phones to have it read text messages and emails aloud to you and you can respond with voice right back.

There really is too much to list so I tried to find a video that does the job pretty good.

I highly recommend this device to anyone looking for car navigation.