AT&T – Fewer Bars in Fewer Places

How many of you out there have the 2g iphone and have yet to upgrade to the newer 3g model?

Sometimes we need a push to get going in the right direction and it seems AT&T is wanting to push its 2g users into getting new phones.

Timothy Butler over at OFB did some sleuthing and found that AT&T is downgrading its EDGE/2G service to the weaker 1900 MHz band. Their response to those with newly-lousy service? Buy a new phone.

What this means is that instead of the “More Bars In More Places” motto that you often hear on the commercials it will be more like “less bars in less places” like inside your homes and offices, and out of the way places.

Additionally, this makes a lot of us wonder what will happen to iPhone 3G users in 2G-only areas? Will AT&T leave the 850 band for them until 3G rolls in? And what about users switching to 2G to save battery life? Will it now come at the expense of their signal?

What about the users that are still in contract that have no way to purchase a new 3g device, whether it be an iphone or blackberry? If your new phone sees a drop in reception and reliability due to a change in network coverage, you have no choice but to suck it up, or buy a new device outright.

AT&T’s executive director of analyst relations, Mark Siegel, is denying reports that salespeople are telling customers to switch from 2G to 3, but that’s to be expected. The really sad part is that AT&T’s 3G service leaves much to be desired, too.

It is not even offered in my area 🙁

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