President Obama’s New Cell Phone

Ever wondered what kind of cell phone the President of the United States uses? Me too!

I never really knew until now. I often wondered did he use a special satellite phone? If not, does he ever miss calls in remote areas?

It seems that President Obama did not want to part with his crackberry, err umm I mean Blackberry cellular device after his inauguration. As it turns out, he will be able to keep it, but it will be limited to personal use matters only.

For all non personal and business related calls, he will have to use the NSA approved Sectera Edge

There is only one thing that concerns me about this phone aside from the fact that it is almost the size of a brick. IT RUNS WINDOWS MOBILE !!! How secure can this thing really be?


How To Setup Email On Your Blackberry

Blackberries are nice, no great, in fact it seems like everybody has one these days right?

One of the nice features that comes along with the blackberry is the push email comes along with it. You get an email address like when you subscribe to the pda plan with ATT. This is fine, but what if you do not want to tell all of your contacts of your new email address? That could be a real hassle.

Instead how about setting up gmail on your Blackberry and making it so that it acts the same as the push email that comes along with it.

Setting up Gmail

One of the faster ways to use Gmail on your BlackBerry is with the installable Gmail application. I will explain the fastest way later on in this post using a sort of gmail “push”.

To download this free app, visit from your BlackBerry web browser.

Then, launch the application with the red “M” icon from your BlackBerry home screen or from the applications folder.

If you also have a personal account, you can add it to this application so you can access both Gmail and Google Apps email accounts from the same place. 

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