The Best Free Antivirus Alternatives

(Guest Article)

It’s always nice when you manage to find something in life for free.
However, it’s even better if you manage to find something which is
free and useful at the same time. Luckily, in the world of antivirus
software, this magical combination is not too difficult to find.

Antivirus programs, those designed to remove computer viruses from an
infected machine, are everywhere these days. This is not surprising as
the number of infected machines seems to increase many fold each and
every year. If your computer has ever ground to a halt, if it has ever
run wild displaying unsolicited ads, or if it has ever decided to
suddenly act in very unusual ways then you have likely had contact
with a computer virus. At this point, it is time for a little computer
repair. Now you could send your PC off to the local computer repair
technician, but why do that when you can temporarily become the
computer repair technician.

One of the most difficult parts of virus removal is deciding which
free antivirus program to download. There is a boatload of them out
there and for the computer novice it can become quite overwhelming.
Fortunately, we have done the research for you and come up with a list
of three popular, and reliable, software applications which can rid
you of this electronic pest.

3. AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition is a well known free antivirus program
which has been around for quite some time. It has a solid track record
of virus removal and is updated on a fairly frequent basis. The
programs interface is quite straightforward and should be useable by
nearly any computer user. The only major drawback of it is that it can
slow down your PC while it is scanning. If you have a new computer
then this will likely not be a problem. If you have a older, slower
model then you may want to look elsewhere for a free antivirus

2. Avira AntiVir Personal is much like AVG (mentioned above). It is a
fairly well known product with a good record of virus protection and
is updated quote often. Once again, its user interface is fairly
simple and should be useable by nearly anyone. Unlike AVG, Avira tends
not to slow down your computer very much; therefore, it will work well
on a newer or older machine. The only major problem with the product
is that it continually encourages you to upgrade to the full paid

1. Avast! Free antivirus is another great free antivirus alternative.
It is similar to the programs listed above; however, it comes with a
wider feature set. Not only can it scan for viruses and malware (like
AVG and Avira), but Avast! can also scan emails, websites, and IM’s
(internet messengers like MSN). The user interface for Avast! is easy
enough to learn and the program does not slow down your computer much.
The only problem with Avast! is that you have to register the free
version after 60 days (although the registration is free).

There you have it; if you are looking for a free, useful antivirus
application try one of the three programs mentioned above: AVG
Anti-Virus Free Edition, Avira AntiVir Personal, or Avast! Free.
Although they each have a few minor drawbacks, they do a very good job
of detecting and removing computer threats. If you have any more
questions about computer virus removal then feel free to come and visit Computer Repair Vancouver where we talk about a host of computer repair related