Air Video Iphone App Review

Air Video is a an application that allows video streaming for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

It is a really neat app, and I felt compelled to start reviewing some of iPhone apps that I use that I thought were really cool or could be of great use to you.

As most of you know from previous posts here, I have a media center pc in the living room and on that pc I have several movies that I have ripped from dvd, as well as tv shows that are automatically downloaded via rss feeds. Well since I purchased my new iPhone 4 I have been looking for ways to use my old iPhone 3g and although using the ipod, gps, bookreader, and other parts of it are great, I thought it would be really awesome to stream video from my computer to it.

Encoding of video files

In the past I used a program called ORB to stream video to my phone., but in order for the video to work on the iPhone I had to pre-encode it so that I could view it on the iPhone. I didn’t like this very much.

What I found to be great about the Air Video application was that you put a small client on the computer that has all the video files, and THAT computer can do ALL of video encoding for you on the fly in real time. Yes you can let it encoded it properly for the iPhone in real time as it streams the video to your phone. This is nice as you will not have to worry about what type of video it is that you are streaming. You can even encode it and save it for later to watch on your phone, ipod, or ipad.  I


Connectivity is great! I have tried it over Wi-Fi and also over 3G and it worked great. Over 3G there was a slightly longer buffer time, but it still worked out really good.

Check out their website here. Air Video

Here is a short video of the AIR VIDEO application for the iPhone.
I am recording this video using the iPhone4 video recorder and the app is on the 3G iPhone.
This application allows you to stream video from a source, which is my living room computer my Media Center PC, to the iPhone.
This can be done over 3g or WI-FI network.
I first stream an episode of THE IT CROWD a TV show, then I launch my copy of Iron Man the movie.

This is great when you are in the yard on the deck, or in the hammock, or laying in the bed.

Air Video is $2.99 but there is a free version that you can try first.
The free version only allows you to see 3 videos from your source.

I recommend this app!