Shutdown or Reboot Shortcut in Windows XP

Well now that you know how to launch several programs with one click, how about I show you how to shut your computer down superfast?

This file you are about to create should be used at your own risk. I just have to say that for legal mumbo jumbo, but hey trust me it will work.

This file will kill all currently running apps on a system that you have started with the exception of a few locked Windows processes and some antivirus products making for a fast shutdown or reboot.

Here is the recipe for what I call a “just do it!” script. What its doing is basically killing off all apps that are started in your username and at the end its rebooting the computer.

@echo off
title Kill all running apps
cd c:windowsSystem32
for /f “skip=3 tokens=1” %%i in (‘TASKLIST /FI “USERNAME eq %userdomain%%username%” /FI “STATUS eq running”‘) do (
if not “%%i”==”svchost.exe” (
if not “%%i”==”explorer.exe” (
if not “%%i”==”cmd.exe” (
if not “%%i”==”tasklist.exe” (
taskkill /f /im “%%i”
shutdown -r -f -t 00

Remember to copy and paste this into notepad and save it as a bat file like we showed you in the earlier post

If you don’t want the computer to reboot and you simply want it to shutdown, and I mean shutdown fast, then just remove the -r like this shutdown -f -t 00

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