Recently got a new Iphone 3G

I recently got a new iPhone and really like it a lot more than I thought I would.

I was against getting one when they first came out (first gen), because it lacked so many things I thought a cellphone should have.
Some of these things were:

No copy and paste
No video recording
No voice/memo recording
No Multimedia Message Sending
No Removable battery
No 3G Connectivity
No Voice Dialing
No MP3 as a ring tone
No Over The Air Downloads
No integration with MS Exchange
No Office support for Word and Excel docs
A recessed headphone jack that made you have to get an adapter to use regular earphones
There are probably some things that I am forgetting but you get the idea.

At the time when it came out I had the Nokia 6682 and it did most of those things, so I just laughed at the $599 price tag for a 4gig iPhone that didn’t do as much as my current phone did.

I kept thinking it’s always best to not buy anything in its first year production.
You should let the manufacturers work the kinks and bugs out of new products before you buy them, so I waited.

After the second generation iPhone came out, some new things were added.

Better battery life
GPS (really good I might add)
3G Connectivity
Exchange Support
Office Support
Over the Air downloads (FW2.2)
An earphone jack that accepts common earphones

There is still no Voice Dialing, Video Recording, or MMS but really these are features I find myself not using much at all anyways.

As my contract was coming to an end I was thinking about getting an iPhone but they were still high in price so I got the BlackJack II red (really its maroon).

I liked the BlackJack II phone with its Windows Mobile. It was easy to hack and make it do just about anything, but it was still Windows and there were times when it absolutely drove me mad. It would get slow at times and there were lots of errors to where I would have to remove the battery completely to recover from it. It may have done some of that because I had 3rd party applications on it. I am not sure. I have since reset it and have it online for sale now. Check it out here.

I kept telling myself that my next phone would be an iPhone when my contract expires.
They are now $199 when you re-up your contract. Unfortunately for me, its a long time before that happens and I was really wanting to get one asap since I new several people that had one and after I messed with it some I really grew to liking it more and more. If I were to buy one out of contract it would cost $399…ouch.

I couldnt wait I had to have it so I got one for the out of contract price and have not regreted it at all. I can see now why people get addicted to these things. Its really an amazing device!

The GPS on it rocks! Its fast to get a lock. With my blackjack II you would have to get a lock before traveling at speeds of 60mph or so, but the iphone does it regardless of speed.

I love the wifi. I am practically around wifi all the time so this is really nice.

I have yet to do it, but it also has tv out on it so I can plug it up to a TV and watch one the movies I have on it, or share photos. This was something that was not part of the first gen Iphones and I couldn’t believe that it wasn’t included when at that time it WAS included on their video ipods.

It also syncs really well with my Tom Tom GO 730 for hands free talking while in the car. I just leave my bluetooth on all the time and it connects as soon as I get into the car.

Its integration with Microsoft Exchange Server is fantastic. When my wife and I left the store, we went to eat Chinese, and while we were eating, I connected to Exchange work server and pulled in all my contacts and emails in a snap. Gmail was even easier.

Also since the new 2.2 upgrade via itunes, the battery life has tripled it seems! This was not mentioned in the changelog but I and many others including people on the web report that they have experienced better battery life since the update.

Lets not forget the all new AppStore. There are literally tons of free apps approved by Apple to install on your iPhone. I would say that from what I have seen there are more free apps than pay for apps on the appstore.

I am really amazed at the ease of use of this device. I could go on and on but I think I will save some of my thoughts for another post.

Check out this cellphone time line of mine.

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