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Ok I am pretty sure all of my readers out there are backing up their data using some form of media like backup tapes or maybe even CD’s and DVD’s and storing them offsite like in a bank safety deposit box or in your office at work or something right? …..right?

Please tell me you are… If its one thing everyone should know about computing its BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP!!!
Backup your important data. Your pictures, your financial data, your music that you paid for online. It makes no sense not to have digital copies of this elsewhere.

Wait ….what….? You dont back up!?!

Oh No! What are you going to do with all those precious photos you have of your newborn baby girl, or those pics of fluffy your little Yorkie, or your Grandmothers 80th birthday? Oh you planned on backing them up to DVD but just never got around to it huh?

Let me try and paint you a mental picture and give you something to thing about. Its a stormy night, lightning abound striking hard to the ground with such loud crackling booms that you feel its right outside the window. The power surges on and off repeatedly within seconds. You didn’t think to turn off the computer, but that’s ok, the storm caused a power outage in the neighborhood and now you don’t have to worry about that. The next day you decide to power it on and check your Facebook and Twitter pages along with email, but wait…. whats that clicking sound? The power light is on but I hear this odd clicking coming from inside the case. Whats this on the screen? NTLDR is missing? What the hell is that?  Then you think oh no…my computer must have gotten zapped in the storm. My power-point presentation that I had been working on for 3 weeks was on there. Then panic sets in and you think of all the other things you have now lost and you have an empty feeling inside.

Trust me I have been there and DONE that and you do not want that feeling. There are more ways than one that your computer can fail. Power surges (even through a surge protector) hard drive failures (typical life span of 3 years, some less) Virus corrupting the hard drive, motherboard failure, etc.  Statistics show that one in every ten hard drives fail each year. The cost of recovering a failed hard drive can exceed $7,500, and success is never guaranteed.
Trust me when I say this … you should always be prepared by having a backup.

Don’t worry its really not that hard. In this day and age its easier than ever to create good solid backups.

No need for backing up to tapes labeled weekly and monthly or cd’s or even dvd’s, and having to keep up with that mess. Not to mention that those devices to which the tapes and/or cd’s and dvd’s go into can fail as well.
Now you can backup automatically, and securely online over the internet to a safe location using MOZY ONLINE BACKUP!

Step one – Sign up for an account

  • Create a Mozy Home user account which will allow you to download Mozy Home software. It’s quick, easy, and our step-by-step instructions will guide you through the process.

Step two – Download and install software

  • MozyHome downloads in just seconds, and the installation is simple and fast.

Step three – Select files to be backed up

  • Simply check the boxes next to the backup sets, or types of files you want to back up, and MozyHome does the rest. In addition to selecting files by backup sets, you also have the option of selecting specific files and directories.


  • Open/locked file support: Mozy will back up your documents whether they’re open or closed.
  • 128-bit SSL encryption: The same technology used by banks secures your data during the backup process.
  • 448-bit Blowfish encryption: Secures your files while in storage, providing peace of mind that your private data is safe from hackers.
  • Automatic: Schedule the times to back up and Mozy Home does the rest.
  • New and changed file detection: Mozy Home finds and saves the smallest changes.
  • Backs up Outlook files: Disaster-proof email protection.
  • Block-level incremental backup: After the initial backup, Mozy Home only backs up files that have been added or changed, making subsequent backups lightning fast.

Best of all you can use them for FREE. They offer 2 GB of 100% free backup space. No setup fee, no credit cards, no monthly payments, no hassle

If you want unlimited backup, you can pay them a monthly fee of $4.95 I think.

Go ahead and check them out, and start backing up your data now! Dont wait! Get Mozy Today!

Unlimited Online backup for 4.95/month

Mozy Remote Backup.  Free.Automatic.Secure.

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  2. ChiliPepr Says:

    MozyHome works pretty well for me – on both Mac and PC. MozyPro needs a lot work, however – the interface is extremely convoluted and not user friendly at all.

    Use the following link to get 20% more space on a free MozyHome 2 Gb account: