More on DynDns and Utorrent

A lot of my readers are asking what dyndns is and what is it for. Well let me devote an entire post to that and clear things up.

DynDns is a free service offered to those that have a dynamic IP address that changes often.

See if you visit right now it will show you your ip address. This is your address on the internet. Its like your home address only its in a digital world. gives you a free sub-domain that points to that number so that you don’t have to remember it and especially remember it each time it may change.

In a previous article I wrote about downloading torrents remotely, I discussed how I use along with my router to keep my IP address pointing to the name which I got for free from This way I could always access Utorrent while away from home using my iphone without the worry of remembering an IP address that could possibly change on me from time to time since I do not pay for a static IP address with my internet provider.

In order for to work for you, you will need to first visit their site and sign up for a free account. Then you will need to either use one of their free IP address update applications to run on your computer to keep your IP address changes synchronized with their database OR you may can set it up in your router if you have one.

I think its safe to say that almost all routers have a configuration page you can access from your web browser. To be able to access your routers web configuration you need to know its address internal to you network.

To figure out the address of your router do this. If you are on a windows computer click START then RUN and type the letters CMD and press enter. This will bring up a command prompt window. Now type in ipconfig /all in the window and press enter.

You will likely see something similar to this
IP Address. . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . :
Default Gateway . . :

Your default gateway is usually your routers ip address so you can enter it in your address bar of your browser like this and access it.

I accessed my routers configuration page, and there is a tab in there called DDNS, yours may be different. This is where I can put in my information for so that I do not have to install an updater on my computer to keep my IP address up to date with their database.

Once this was all done, it was like a set it and forget it type situation. Whatever my IP address is, no matter what it changes to, will always be accessible via

When I am away from home I use the iPhone or any other device connected to the internet to access the Utorrent application that is running on my Media Center computer at home using a sub-domain like made possible by This way I don’t have to email myself torrent links while I am at work, or make myself notes of what to download when I get home. I can simply access Utorrent from anywhere and start downloading.

Basically its like this.

  • I open a browser on my phone or computer and I want to access my webui of Utorrent on my Media Center.
  • My bookmark of goes to and they say my IP address is xx.xx.xx.xx where x is numbers, and a name becomes a number.
  • Then the “page” or in this case my utorrent web interface is served back to me, on my computer or phone, all in a flash.

Here is a screen shot of what the web interface looks like from within the browser on the computer. I have my secret port colored out for privacy as well as the torrent I am downloading at the moment. I recommend that if you do something similar and use the web interface of Utorrent, that you set a private port for it, this would be like

You can set this up in your router as well under port forwarding. If you do like me and set up utorrent to work over the web I want you to set up a port for it to be accessed on.

The default is 8080, but I want you to use something more private. You will want to look for a tab in the routers configuration that says something like Port Forwarding.

Here you can assign a port like 5555 to point to an internal IP address of one of your computers. It will need to be the address of the computer that utorrent is running on. Like maybe ? I dont know your network, but you get the idea

Please refer to your routers documentation for more information on this or visit

I sure hope this cleared some things up.

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