Iphone 4 Anti Glare Film Set

I can’t describe to you how much I loved my iphone 3G when I first got it. I blogged about it here, its cases, and screen protectors. Especially the Anti Glare film set from Power Support that I picked up from the Apple Store.

Power Support makes THE BEST screen protectors for the iphone that I have ever used, and I had used several different brands in the past.

When June 24, 2010 rolled around, I had me a new iphone 4. If you thought I was crazy about the 3g, I went absolutely nuts over the the new 4th generation iphone. It is 3 x as fast and powerful as my older iphone.

Since I use TOM TOM, Google Maps, Slacker Radio, and other apps while its in a dock on my dash in the car, it is imperative that I have an Anti Glare film over it so that I am not constantly seeing my reflection.

Again I turn to Power Support only to find that they, at that time, didn’t have any yet for the iphone 4. This I did not like so I had to settle on some from the ATT store and they work, but are not all that great. The ones the ATT store offers pick up face grease way to easily.

Just recently Power Support supplied Apple with some new HD Anti-Glare Film Sets for the iphone 4.


I can not tell you hour durable and great these film sets are. On my old 3g, I still have the first one I ever applied to it. They last what seems like forever. I know on the 3g I put it on about 14 months ago and its still fine.

I just put one on my 4th generation iphone and I have an extra in the kit, that I will probably never use. Thats a good product!

I put a link here to get you some. They are now also on

Get you a set and thank me!

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