How To Use Your Iphone to Download Torrents Remotely

Utorrent is great for downloading torrents. It has this wonderful web interface that allows you to paste in urls to torrents and have them download. You can use your browser to do this or even your iphone.

This is convenient if your work forbids you from downloading torrents.  I was once with some friends having dinner and one asks have I seen The Uninvited. I says no. Then I thought hey I can download that right now before I forget, so I broke out my iphone, opened safari, went to the bookmark I had set for, looked for the movie, copied the link, then opened a new page in safari and clicked on the bookmark I had set for my utorrent on my personal machine at home, then logged into it, pasted the url to the torrent in there and clicked go. It began to download. Everyone was amazed. About 25 minutes later as we were getting in the car, my phone churped and it was an email notifying me that the download was complete and ready to watch ( I still have not watched it yet).

Now I am going to show you how you can do exactly the same thing.

First we need to setup a account to turn your ip address into a name.

Your ip address is a number that your internet service provider or ISP for short assigns you to allow you internet access. Sometimes this number changes and it would be hard to remember so we need to turn this number into a name.

Here is a how to article from their website.

Register for a free account at  Agree to the site’s terms, and use a legitimate email address to complete registration. Once in awhile, DynDNS will email you at that address asking you to confirm that it continue your service.

Log into your new account. Go to the “My Services” area on the left side. Under “Host  Services” click “Add New HostName.” There, fill in the name you want to use.  DynDNS will autofill your IP address (if you’re doing this from your home computer). Choose a domain and type in a custom subdomain, which can be anything from or or something, like below:

Set up your computer to update DynDNS.

Now that your computer is registered with DynDNS, each time your computer’s IP address changes, it has to let DynDNS know. This can be done either with free updater client software or through your router.

If your computer is connected directly to the Internet, download the DynDNS updater client for Mac or Windows here. Install and enter your DynDNS information so that your computer can update DynDNS’s database regularly.

If you are behind a router, you’re in luck. Most modern routers support dynamic DNS services. Here’s a screen shot from a routers configuration page for just such a setup.

You’re done. Give your new domain a spin!

Type your new domain name by entering it in your web browser’s address bar. It should resolve to your home server. From here you can publicize or bookmark your server’s new domain name no matter how often your IP address changes.

Now that you have your dyndns, and utorrent setup, and know how to use it, let me show you how to use your iphone or computer from a remote location to download torrents to home.

In order for this to work you must have a computer at home that is on all the time acting as a “server”. This computer will have utorrent with its web interface running on it and possibly a dyndns updater.

So this is typically what I do…

Launch Safari and choose my torrent book mark of choice which is

I zoom in and type in the show or movie I want to download.

I zoomed in and selected a torrent.

Where it says “DOWNLOAD THIS TORRENT” I press and hold over the word to bring up the following window.

I select COPY to copy the selected link.

I open a new tab and select my home address where utorrent is running over the web.

I log into it.

I am in my box at home.

I zoom in and select the BLUE folder.

Now I select the Torrent URL: box and paste the torrent location into there.

The Torrent URL is posted. I click done and OK

It is now downloading. I can do this from anywhere in the world.

At this point I am feeling better than Superman.

This is what the email notifications look like

And that’s it. That is how I download torrents to my home Media Center using the iphone remotely.

Pretty neat huh?

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