How to Spot the Best Torrents for Fast Downloads

Ok so in a previous article you learned how to download and install utorrent a bittorrent downloading application. I also provided you with sites in which to download torrents.

On of my favorites is We will use that site today and I will show you how to download an episode of The Office and how to choose the best one for faster downloads.

Open your browser and navigate to

I did a search for The Office and check the box that says Video.
This was my result.

On most search sites you will see Seeds and Leechers. SEeds are the people sharing this file, while LEechers are the people downloading the files.

You will want it to be equal or better to have more seeds than leechers.

What I do is organize it by clicking on the SE to put the most seeders at the top

See how I now have one and it has a lot of seeders and very little leachers. This will guarantee me a fast download.
I will click on the first one in the list.

After clicking on the first one in the list I was presented with this page where I can view comments on this file from other viewers and download the torrent.

Since I use FireFox, this is the save dialogue box I got when I clicked on the link to download the torrent.
I just clicked ok since it was set to open my default torrent client utorrent.

UTorrent is asking me where to save the file too. I am fine with the default of My DocumentsDownloads

You can barely see it cause I had to resize the image, but I was right, a very fast download indeed.
I will have this show in 5 minutes and it will be commercial free.

Once the download is complete I will navigate to where it downloaded and watch it on my computer or media center setup.

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  2. Zak Says:

    It’s also a good idea to remove the file from your torrent software as soon as you download it. Otherwise the torrent software will use your internet connection to seed it to other users, which will slow your internet down significantly.

  3. USERBYTES Says:

    That was covered in the previous post How to Install and Configure ĀµTorrent. Set it stop at 20 that way you can set it and forget it. I will not seed forever.