How To Import MP3 Files Into Audiobooks of iTunes and iPhone

Recently I got my hands on a new audiobook and I wanted it to appear in the AUDIOBOOKS section of my iPhone/iPod. At first this was a difficult task. I dragged the folder full of MP3’s into iTunes into the Books Library.¬†It imported them just fine, but it was into the Music Library.

I thought ok, I will choose Get Info and change it to Audiobooks. Well that doesnt exist in the latest iTunes. You can however add the word Audiobooks in Genres, so I did that. I went to sync the iPhone and I chose that Genre on the lower bottom half of the music part of the iPhone sync section in iTunes.

After the sync was complete I checked, and it didnt do much good. It was mixed in with my music. All this had done was, when you click on the MORE section of your iPod on the iPhone, there is a place called Genres, all the mp3’s were in there and mixed in with my music, so this was not acceptable.




Finally! I figured it out.

In iTunes, in the Music Library, I chose the album or selection of mp3’s and right clicked and selected GET INFO and on the OPTIONS tab where it says MEDIA KIND I chose AUDIOBOOK. Next I chose REMEMBER POSITION-YES , and PART OF¬†COMPILATION-YES then it moved into the Books Library.

Next before I synced my iPhone I went to the books tab on the Devices part of iTunes and at the bottom of the page I chose Sync Audiobooks, then chose Selected Audiobooks and finally placed a check by the Audiobook I wanted to sync.

That was it.

After the sync it was under AUDIOBOOKS on the iPhone just as it should have been all along.

Hope this helps.


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6 Responses to “How To Import MP3 Files Into Audiobooks of iTunes and iPhone”

  1. Mixness Says:

    good information, thanks for this share.

  2. Uri Says:

    GREAT. I was having problems with this.

  3. bobby Says:

    Thanks! couldn’t figure this out but the key was scrolling down in the books tab and choosing to sync audiobooks.

  4. Eric Says:

    I have a same problem.

    I follow you instruction step by step, and figure it up. prefect!

    Thank you so much! I appreciate.

  5. BTS Says:

    What if you can’t check “selected audiobooks”. all i got is “all audiobooks” …

  6. Oleg Says:

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