How do I uninstall U3 from my flash drive?

I am sure that many of you have gotten some USB Flash drives for Christmas or maybe just picked one up recently for file storage and you realized that it was hard to add files to it.
I know myself that I recently got one and it had the U3 mess installed on it which made it hard to know exactly where to put the files. It also acted like a cd rom at times. It was really annoying me.
I just wanted a simple USB drive to add files to easily.

So, the question arises. How do I uninstall U3 from my flash drive?

Most U3 smart drives come with an uninstall utility that converts the U3 smart drive into a regular USB flash drive.
This utility can be accessed from the U3 Launchpad.
Open the U3 Launchpad and click on Settings, then select U3 Launchpad Settings and click on the Uninstall tab.
Some devices have a link to the Uninstall utility under Help and Support.

If you can not find the uninstall utility on your U3 smart drive you can download it from the following locations:
Remove U3
U3 removal tool for MAC

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One Response to “How do I uninstall U3 from my flash drive?”

  1. Nick Says:

    U3Uninstall.exe worked great for winxp, thanks!