Happy Thanksgiving

Yes its that time once again where we gather around the table to give thanks and feast on delicious foods prepared by family and friends. It seems like it takes hours and hours to prepare the feast and only minutes to devour it and return to our arm chairs or couches, or even to a rear bedroom for a nap after we stuffed our gullets full of food.

Oh but you cant rest…no you are the tech guy of the family…you have work to do whilst you are visiting.

How can you say no right?

Never fear, USERBYTES is here to offer some help.

OK lets go ahead and make the assumption that you will be dealing with Microsoft Windows computers probably dating back to Windows 95 no less too right? I mean if everyone was using Ubuntu or Mac OSX, I wouldn’t have to even right this article now would I?

Does that look like you up above?

I found a great article on LIFEHACKER.COM today that wrote what I wanted to write only better.

Here is the article Check that out! They tell you how to do a quick triage of windows and how to back it up and easily get rid of malware and other slow auto starting crapware.

NOTE: Pictures are from

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