Gmail Folders and Filters

gmail-logo2Recently in a previous article, I discussed a really cool free tool used for video surveillance called VitaminD

The tool is AWESOME!

The only problem I have is that sometimes my inbox is overloaded with small still captures notifying me of what is going on. At first I thought is there a way to limit the number of emails that VitaminD sends? Then I thought, no that would defeat the purpose. I need these emails. I just need to manage them a certain way.

I basically knew what I had to do. I needed to create a folder in my email and create a “rule” for incoming mail that would send the mail from VitaminD into the correct folder. This is easily done in Outlook using the create rule wizard, but I don’t use Outlook. I use Gmail.

Gmail takes a different approach to this. Instead of Folders, Gmail uses Labels. Using labels and filters, you can have Gmail sort your incoming mail by sender, subject or other criteria to your custom folders(labels) — out of the Inbox.

Let me show you how.

To make Gmail route certain mail to particular “folders”, bypassing your Inbox:

  • Open Gmail and go to your Settings in the top uppper right.
  • Click on the Filters
  • Click Create a filter.
  • Enter the desired criteria.
  • To filter all mail from somebody, type their email address in the From: field, for example.
  • Click Next Step.
  • Make sure Skip the Inbox is checked.
  • Also check Apply the label:.
  • Select an existing label (folder) from the Choose label… menu or: Select New label….
  • Type the desired name for the label (folder).
  • Click OK.
  • Optionally, check Also apply filter to conversations below to move existing messages matching your criteria to the folder.
  • Click Create Filter.

Thats it!

Now new messages matching your rules will arrive in their labels (i.e. folders) only. This is very easy to manage isnt it?

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