Watch Movies On Your Iphone and Online, Free Through Netflix

Let me tell you about my story with NetFlix and Blockbuster and why I chose NetFlix once again and urge you to take advantage of the free

I once was a long time user of NetFlix. I used it and loved it, got 3 rentals at a time and things were good. Later I crossed over to Blockbuster to save a few dollars, and Blockbuster allowed you to return your movies to the store and get your next free rental right there in the store. I thought this was neat and it was at the time cheaper than NetFlix.

I was enjoying Blockbuster until an unfortunate turn of events in 2008 left me without a 9 to 5, so I dropped it.

Now that I have a new line of work, I can once again afford a simple luxury of online movie rentals, and the best part is that it all has become even more affordable.

There have also been many advances in the online movie rental business lately which makes it even more appealing.

month long trial they are offering right now.

With more than 15 million members, Netflix, is the world’s largest subscription service streaming movies and TV episodes over the Internet and sending DVDs by mail. For $8.99 a month, Netflix members can instantly watch unlimited TV episodes and movies streamed to their TVs and computers and can receive unlimited DVDs delivered quickly to their homes. With Netflix, there are never any due dates or late fees. Members can select from a growing library of titles that can be watched instantly and a vast array of titles on DVD. Among the large and expanding base of devices that can stream movies and TV episodes from Netflix are Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Sony’s PS3 and Nintendo’s Wii consoles; Blu-ray disc players from Samsung, LG and Insignia; Internet TVs from LG, Sony and VIZIO; the Roku digital video player and TiVo digital video recorders, and Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Streaming video is all the rage now, and NetFlix is in the lead with its new iPhone / iPod / iPad application and its even included in the new Apple TV, even Microsoft has adopted it into its Windows Vista and Windows 7 Media Center.

Poor Blockbuster…. with its lack of streaming is facing bankruptcy as it cant keep up.

Recently, I became interested in NetFlix again, especially in the streaming ability to portable devices. I wanted to stream to my iPhone and to my Windows Media Center 7 in the living room, so using another family members account and I was able to test it out and I was well pleased. I really enjoyed how smooth the video was on my iPhone. It even works really well over 3G.

On the Windows Media Center it works really well too. The install was a breeze, simply navigate to the NetFlix icon and press it. Then you will be presented with a button to press to install it. Then all you will need to do is log in and start searching for movies.

Watch a short video of it how it all works on Media Center here. (From Microsoft)

I found this video on YouTube and its pretty good and showing you exactly how it is on the Windows Media Center.

After that I found another video on YouTube showcasing how NetFlix works on the iPhone.

Both pretty good videos.

I think NetFlix is here to stay and will definitely be around for a long time to come. I think you should at least give the free trial a shot.

President Obama’s New Cell Phone

Ever wondered what kind of cell phone the President of the United States uses? Me too!

I never really knew until now. I often wondered did he use a special satellite phone? If not, does he ever miss calls in remote areas?

It seems that President Obama did not want to part with his crackberry, err umm I mean Blackberry cellular device after his inauguration. As it turns out, he will be able to keep it, but it will be limited to personal use matters only.

For all non personal and business related calls, he will have to use the NSA approved Sectera Edge

There is only one thing that concerns me about this phone aside from the fact that it is almost the size of a brick. IT RUNS WINDOWS MOBILE !!! How secure can this thing really be?


AT&T – Fewer Bars in Fewer Places

How many of you out there have the 2g iphone and have yet to upgrade to the newer 3g model?

Sometimes we need a push to get going in the right direction and it seems AT&T is wanting to push its 2g users into getting new phones.

Timothy Butler over at OFB did some sleuthing and found that AT&T is downgrading its EDGE/2G service to the weaker 1900 MHz band. Their response to those with newly-lousy service? Buy a new phone.

What this means is that instead of the “More Bars In More Places” motto that you often hear on the commercials it will be more like “less bars in less places” like inside your homes and offices, and out of the way places.

Additionally, this makes a lot of us wonder what will happen to iPhone 3G users in 2G-only areas? Will AT&T leave the 850 band for them until 3G rolls in? And what about users switching to 2G to save battery life? Will it now come at the expense of their signal?

What about the users that are still in contract that have no way to purchase a new 3g device, whether it be an iphone or blackberry? If your new phone sees a drop in reception and reliability due to a change in network coverage, you have no choice but to suck it up, or buy a new device outright.

AT&T’s executive director of analyst relations, Mark Siegel, is denying reports that salespeople are telling customers to switch from 2G to 3, but that’s to be expected. The really sad part is that AT&T’s 3G service leaves much to be desired, too.

It is not even offered in my area 🙁

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Windows XP is not dead yet!

The cut off date for PC makers to obtain licenses for the software was initially January 31 2009, but now Microsoft has put in place a plan that will allow the hardware firms to get hold of XP licences until May 30 2009.

In the past, Microsoft extended XP’s life until the year 2010 – provided it was installed on netbooks and low-cost laptops.

Windows XP was originally due to disappear off shop shelves on January 30 2008.
It was intended to be removed from store shelves to make way for Windows Vista which went on sale to consumers early in 2007.

Consumers have not given a very warm reaction to the Vista Release despite Microsoft’s claims that Vista has sold well. Microsoft is granting this extension of life largely because of the customer’s preference for XP.

This affects PC makers and resellers who were working to a January 31 2009 deadline to order licences for XP.

Many PC makers they planned on stockpiling licences before the cut-off in hopes they could sell them in the coming months.

Now, Microsoft has changed the terms allowing the PC makers and resellers to order before January 31, but take delivery at any time up to May 30.

The change in policy is another indication of the general resistance to Windows Vista.

Early versions of Windows 7, the replacement for Vista, are due to appear in late 2009.


Security Experts Advising You Not Use Internet Explorer (for now)

A serious scripting hack that can grab passwords (or, potentially, do worse) from any version of Internet Explorer is leading security and malware experts to suggest switching from Internet Explorer to Firefox, Chrome, Opera, or any other browser, if only for the time being.

Microsoft itself is, of course, asking users to just be cautious while it works on a fix. The BBC article thumbnails security tips, including switching IE’s security settings to “High,” if you won’t be migrating (or can’t switch at work).

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