Watch Movies On Your Iphone and Online, Free Through Netflix

Let me tell you about my story with NetFlix and Blockbuster and why I chose NetFlix once again and urge you to take advantage of the free

I once was a long time user of NetFlix. I used it and loved it, got 3 rentals at a time and things were good. Later I crossed over to Blockbuster to save a few dollars, and Blockbuster allowed you to return your movies to the store and get your next free rental right there in the store. I thought this was neat and it was at the time cheaper than NetFlix.

I was enjoying Blockbuster until an unfortunate turn of events in 2008 left me without a 9 to 5, so I dropped it.

Now that I have a new line of work, I can once again afford a simple luxury of online movie rentals, and the best part is that it all has become even more affordable.

There have also been many advances in the online movie rental business lately which makes it even more appealing.

month long trial they are offering right now.

With more than 15 million members, Netflix, is the world’s largest subscription service streaming movies and TV episodes over the Internet and sending DVDs by mail. For $8.99 a month, Netflix members can instantly watch unlimited TV episodes and movies streamed to their TVs and computers and can receive unlimited DVDs delivered quickly to their homes. With Netflix, there are never any due dates or late fees. Members can select from a growing library of titles that can be watched instantly and a vast array of titles on DVD. Among the large and expanding base of devices that can stream movies and TV episodes from Netflix are Microsoft’s Xbox 360, Sony’s PS3 and Nintendo’s Wii consoles; Blu-ray disc players from Samsung, LG and Insignia; Internet TVs from LG, Sony and VIZIO; the Roku digital video player and TiVo digital video recorders, and Apple’s iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Streaming video is all the rage now, and NetFlix is in the lead with its new iPhone / iPod / iPad application and its even included in the new Apple TV, even Microsoft has adopted it into its Windows Vista and Windows 7 Media Center.

Poor Blockbuster…. with its lack of streaming is facing bankruptcy as it cant keep up.

Recently, I became interested in NetFlix again, especially in the streaming ability to portable devices. I wanted to stream to my iPhone and to my Windows Media Center 7 in the living room, so using another family members account and I was able to test it out and I was well pleased. I really enjoyed how smooth the video was on my iPhone. It even works really well over 3G.

On the Windows Media Center it works really well too. The install was a breeze, simply navigate to the NetFlix icon and press it. Then you will be presented with a button to press to install it. Then all you will need to do is log in and start searching for movies.

Watch a short video of it how it all works on Media Center here. (From Microsoft)

I found this video on YouTube and its pretty good and showing you exactly how it is on the Windows Media Center.

After that I found another video on YouTube showcasing how NetFlix works on the iPhone.

Both pretty good videos.

I think NetFlix is here to stay and will definitely be around for a long time to come. I think you should at least give the free trial a shot.

How To Use Your Iphone to Download Torrents Remotely

Utorrent is great for downloading torrents. It has this wonderful web interface that allows you to paste in urls to torrents and have them download. You can use your browser to do this or even your iphone.

This is convenient if your work forbids you from downloading torrents.  I was once with some friends having dinner and one asks have I seen The Uninvited. I says no. Then I thought hey I can download that right now before I forget, so I broke out my iphone, opened safari, went to the bookmark I had set for, looked for the movie, copied the link, then opened a new page in safari and clicked on the bookmark I had set for my utorrent on my personal machine at home, then logged into it, pasted the url to the torrent in there and clicked go. It began to download. Everyone was amazed. About 25 minutes later as we were getting in the car, my phone churped and it was an email notifying me that the download was complete and ready to watch ( I still have not watched it yet).

Now I am going to show you how you can do exactly the same thing.

First we need to setup a account to turn your ip address into a name.

Your ip address is a number that your internet service provider or ISP for short assigns you to allow you internet access. Sometimes this number changes and it would be hard to remember so we need to turn this number into a name.

Here is a how to article from their website.

Register for a free account at  Agree to the site’s terms, and use a legitimate email address to complete registration. Once in awhile, DynDNS will email you at that address asking you to confirm that it continue your service.

Log into your new account. Go to the “My Services” area on the left side. Under “Host  Services” click “Add New HostName.” There, fill in the name you want to use.  DynDNS will autofill your IP address (if you’re doing this from your home computer). Choose a domain and type in a custom subdomain, which can be anything from or or something, like below:

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How to Spot the Best Torrents for Fast Downloads

Ok so in a previous article you learned how to download and install utorrent a bittorrent downloading application. I also provided you with sites in which to download torrents.

On of my favorites is We will use that site today and I will show you how to download an episode of The Office and how to choose the best one for faster downloads.

Open your browser and navigate to

I did a search for The Office and check the box that says Video.
This was my result.

On most search sites you will see Seeds and Leechers. SEeds are the people sharing this file, while LEechers are the people downloading the files.

You will want it to be equal or better to have more seeds than leechers.

What I do is organize it by clicking on the SE to put the most seeders at the top

See how I now have one and it has a lot of seeders and very little leachers. This will guarantee me a fast download.
I will click on the first one in the list.

After clicking on the first one in the list I was presented with this page where I can view comments on this file from other viewers and download the torrent.

Since I use FireFox, this is the save dialogue box I got when I clicked on the link to download the torrent.
I just clicked ok since it was set to open my default torrent client utorrent.

UTorrent is asking me where to save the file too. I am fine with the default of My DocumentsDownloads

You can barely see it cause I had to resize the image, but I was right, a very fast download indeed.
I will have this show in 5 minutes and it will be commercial free.

Once the download is complete I will navigate to where it downloaded and watch it on my computer or media center setup.

How to Install and Configure uTorrent

Ok now that you know how to protect your internet activities with Peer Guardian, lets proceed in teaching you what you need to use to download tv shows, music and possibly movies from the internet. If you want to do it and do it fast you will want to know all about torrents and the best program to use is µTorrent.

Utorrent is the worlds most popular bittorrent client. Most of the features present in other BitTorrent clients are present in µTorrent, including bandwidth prioritization, scheduling, RSS auto-downloading and Mainline DHT (compatible with BitComet). Additionally, µTorrent supports the Protocol Encryption joint specification.

For more information on what a torrent is, and how it all works check out The Lowdown on BitTorrent or this Wiki page.
But to sum it up real fast, think of the file you want to download. Usually you would use something like LimeWire or BearShare or something, do a search, and download from a single individual that was sharing it on their computer. With Torrents, you download a piece of the file you want from many sources that are sharing it across the internet. This way you get it super fast. You are not limited to a single persons computer speed they are sharing from.

Ok lets move on and set this program up!

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How to Install and Configure Peer Guardian

PeerGuardian is an open source IP filter that is designed to block the IP addresses of certain organizations and corporations that may wish to invade a users privacy while using the Internet and peer-to-peer file sharing networks. The following tutorial shows how to set up PeerGuardian 2 for use p2p file sharing software like Utorrent and limewire.

You need this program if you do a lot of downloading of music, tv shows, movies, etc using torrents or other peer to peer programs to aquire such files.

Your internet provider and other government task forces monitor for such traffic and can prosecute if they catch you downloading illegal files.

First download the application and save it to somewhere like your desktop for easy access. Once installed you can delete the download package.

Begin by double clicking on the PeerGuardian Install Icon (the file you downloaded)

Begin the installation process by clicking “Next”.

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