OxyLED MD20 LED Flashlight Review

I just recently got a new flashlight that I just have to tell you all about. The OxyLED MD20 LED Flashlight.

This flash light is small and super bright. Perfect to attach to your belt loop, inside pocket, backpack for camping to whatever.

It is super bright and putting out 250 Lumens. It has an LED lifespan of over 50,000 hours. Has a switchable power switch to alternate between full power, half power and strobe. On full power you can expect 1 hour of life on a AA battery or rechargeable AA that it comes with, and at half power you can get 3 hours.

It is made of Air Craft grade aluminum and is water proof, so it is great for camping or tactical use.

At only 3.7 inches by 1 inch, its a great pocket light with extreme brightness.

I love this light and have several of them. Check it out.


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