Control Your Computer With Outlook

Wow its been a long time since I last posted and I am sorry for that. I have several hobbies and one of them happens to be decorative concrete so I have had my hands a little dirty doing that. Some of my work can be seen on facebook at and at the website

Ok I got something that is not quite new but may be new and useful to some of you out there reading my technology blog.

Do any of you use the mail program that is a part of the Microsoft Office Suite known as Outlook? I use it all the time and it has a lot of uses other than just reading mail.

Today I will show you how to use it to control actions on your computer. First let me tell you two instances where its actually needed.

The first instance, I use a laptop for work and I needed to run by after work hours and retrieve it from my desk. I knew that I would have to go into the office and power it down and wait on it and then bag it up. I am the type that doesnt like to wait for much, the type that is always in a hurry, so I was thinking….it sure would be nice if I could have it powered off and all I had to do was bag it up when I got there. Sure I could use LOG ME IN or TEAMVIEWER or something to remote into it and shut it down, but at the time I was driving. I know its bad to text and drive, but how about remote controlling into a computer why driving all from your cellphone? No thanks, thats an accident just waiting to happen.

It would be much simpler if I could text my computer and tell it to shutdown. I could manage to type that without running off the road.
How can I make this happen? Before I tell you, how about I tell you about a second instance where such an idea is needed.

A co-worker of mine was out of town over the holidays, he was using teamviewer to remote into his laptop at work. Teamviewer had locked him out somehow and there was nothing he knew to do. He called me asking if I could remote into work and force reboot his machine with some tools we have available on our work network. I says sure I can and I do so and then I mentioned this little hack I am about to teach you guys and he says I should have told him sooner as he could have used it that day so here it is, my latest post in a long time.

Lets get to it!

Basically its simple. I email a code to myself and the computer sees it and does what I have scripted it to do upon receiving such code.

Outlook is the key ingredient here and I leave it running all the time on my computer.

Here is what to do.

Make your self a script folder on your computer.
It could be C:\Scripts

In that folder make a couple batch files like reboot.bat and shutdown.bat

cd \
shutdown /r /t 05


cd \
shutdown /s /t 05

Ok now moving on to Outlook.
Lets create some rules.

Rules > Manage Rules and Alerts
Create New Rule
Under Start From a Blank Rule Choose the first one, Apply rule on messages I receive.

Click Next
Place a check mark on With Specific Words in the Subject


Click on the phrase Specific Words in the lower window pane, and choose a secret word or code for the subject.
Then click ADD and OK


Now scroll all the way to the bottom and choose On this computer only


Click Next
Place a check mark on Start and Application.


Click the phrase Application on the lower window pane and choose your script you created earlier.


Now scroll back up and place a check mark in Delete it.


This has to be done in this way to place items in the rule in the correct order.
After its read by outlook and processed it will be deleted.
This way you will not accidentally re read the email at the computer and reboot yourself.

Click Next
Click Next and name this rule.


Click Finish

That’s it.
Now I can email myself and have my computer reboot or shutdown or start winamp or itunes and place a tune, you are only limited by your imagination.

Now armed with this knowledge what else will you command outlook to wait on your word to do?

Shake to Charge Iphone

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a reserve battery in your cellphone for emergencies and all you had to do was shake your iphone for 30 secs or so to get it charged enough to use it? Think about it. Your cell phone could be charging its reserve while you run, walk, or while its in your pocket while you are walking!

Some have never heard of such, and here I was thinking that everyone knew about this kind of technology to charge things.

I cant remember when I heard about it first, but many many years ago my Aunt got me a shake light for my Birthday and I was wow’d at the simple technology behind it. It has this really neat wireless switch that works of magnetics. It charges itself with a magnet passing through another magnet with wires wrapped around it. This charges a capacitor and stores the power. It can be charge hundreds of thousands of times.

Here is a video from the company demonstrating all there is to know about the light.

It really is a nice flashlight and I recommend it to everyone. Its a great light to keep in your trunk as you will never have to worry about batteries corroding. Take it hunting or fishing, camping, anywhere!

Christmas is around the corner and this would make a great gift for anyone.



Apple Releases iOS 5.0.1 – Solves Battery Issues

Apple released iOS 5.0.1 today to fix a few bugs that effected the battery life and some document syncing issues.

You can download it with iTunes and it will be the full install of 709MB or you can use your iDevice and go to Settings/General/Software Update and update it over the air. This will be only the changes needed and will be 55 mb.

How To Enable Secret iOS 5 Features

Did you know that there are probably dozens of secrete easter eggs in iOS 5 that are just waiting to get discovered?

I will tell you about two the I enabled that are pretty awesome and that you may find useful.


First feature that I find very very cool is the panoramic mode of the camera.

Its pretty cool actually. You have to have a steady hand to pull off some great pics, or a tripod.

There is a arrow that acts like a leveler and you touch the camera button then slowly turn to the right and it snaps many photos one frame at a time and puts it together.

Here are some examples and they were done fast and ugly.

The one above was really ugly and done fast.

With a steady hand you could take some really neat photos.


Next is the hidden auto correct feature on the keyboard

OK so you like all this and want it and want it all without jailbreaking right?


First you will need a tool. The Tool is iBackUpBot and its available for Windows and the Mac.
Get it here Its free to download and use for this.

Download the correct version for your operating system.

Next you will want to do a full backup of your iPhone to iTunes.
I do it the old fashioned. That is to say that when the iPhone is detected in the left hand pane of the library window in iTunes, right click the iPhone and choose Backup.
This will back it up and copy any new apps over to iTunes.

Now you have a complete backup.

Now install iBackupBot (free download) program and open it up.
It will scour through your iTunes Backup directories and reveal all of your backups.

Select the latest most recent backup.

Now for the Camera hack, look for Library/Preferences/
Double click it to open it up in the plist editor.
Click Cancel on this page about registering the iBackupBot app.
Now you will add a few lines and they will look like this:

Then save it, then close it. Follow steps one, two, and three.

Here is a picture.


Now for the keyboard hack.

While you are in iBackupBot with your backup open, look for
You will do the same thing but add the following:
After that click Save and Close.

Now from within iBackupBot, you will restore your backup to your device.


Now you are complete.

Let us know what you think about these hacks.


Google Adwords Account Permanently Suspended

Let me tell you a story about How Google AdWords Screwed Me. In case you do not know what Google Adwords is, its a form of advertising program from Google. You can set up an ad to run, known as a campaign on the Google search network based on keywords. Have you ever typed in a search on Google and noticed that first there are ads displayed first on the page? See the picture below. These are ads relevant to your search based on your keyword phrase and you can see in the picture that Radio Shack is first in the list and they probably paid a pretty penny to get there. See you pay per click on these campaigns so if I click the Radio Shack ad, it may cost them (Radio Shack) $1.00 a click or more.


When I setup my hosting account with BlueHost they gave me $80 worth of AdWords Credit to use.

I have recently been using DropBox for my cloud storage for all my security cam uploads. (thats for another story)

DropBox gives you 2 gigs of free storage and if you refer others you can get increased storage for up to 8 gigs.

I recently read and article on that explained how you can use adwords to get more referrals.

I thought wow that’s a great idea and I have $80 in Google Ad Credit so why not!

Well I tried and it and Google kicked my in the nads! Not 1 day after I set up my campaigns, Google had this to say.

Your Google AdWords account has been permanently suspended for repeated violation of AdWords or Landing Page and Site policies in this or a related account.

So I contacted Google about this OVER THE PHONE!
The representative on the phone said that he saw nothing at all wrong with my account, and that he would escalate it to a higher level and that I would get an email within 24 hours.

All that Google had to offer me was this:

Thank you for your call last week regarding your account.

It has come to our attention that your Google AdWords account doesn’t
comply with our terms of service and advertising policies. As a result,
your account has been suspended, and your ads will no longer run on

We appreciate your cooperation.
Best regards,
The Google AdWords Team
So I replied saying they still didn’t tell me what I actually did wrong and that I combed over the terms and could find nothing wrong.

They replied once more with a sense of harshness this time.

Thank you for your continued patience during this process. Our specialists
have re-reviewed your accounts and have determined that our decision is
correct and final. As a result, your account, and any related accounts you
may have created, have been suspended, and your ads will no longer run on


– Our support team is unable to provide any further information on this

– Please refrain from creating additional AdWords accounts, as they will
be subject to the same suspension.

We appreciate your cooperation and thank you for your understanding.
The Google AdWords Team

At this point I am mad now. I did some searching and found that Google is doing this to many people and they are not happy about the non explanation for it.

I am going to try it again with a new account and see how far I get.


Meanwhile read this article to see what I wanted to do that many others are doing. Nothing at all wrong with this.

Google is just being an Asshole!



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