Roll Your Own Multiboot USB Flash Drive

How To Create Your Own Multiboot USB flash drive

For the longest time when I do computer repair house calls, I often depended on a satchel full of CD’s with my favorite tools on them.
Some of them being ERD Commander, Ultimate Windows Boot CD, Knoppix Live, Ubuntu Live, NTpassword, and so on. I hated to have all these cd’s with me at all times.
I often thought about how to accomplish this, but always got sidetracked.

Recently I made up my mind and said the ultimate goal was to have a bootable USB flash drive with a nice menu. I fiddle with this for at least two months with little to no headway, but alas I figured out how to do it and I would like to share it with all of you techies out there willing to read my blog.

I am going to teach you what I have learned throughout this process, and I’m sure you will feel technically empowered when this is all done.

Today you are going to build a USB Multiboot toolset complete with customized boot menu ready to launch many of your favorite tools.

Are you Ready? Good, lets get started!

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How to watch ESPN360

I know there are several games, football and basketball, that many of us would like to watch on ESPN360 but are unable to, because we cannot get our respective Internet Service Providers to pay ESPN extra for it.

Well follow this tutorial and you will be able to do it!

First things first, if you have never used ESPN360, download the plug-in here (It will save you trouble later) It seems to work best with Internet Explorer.

Right click on the following link, save to your desktop, and double click on the exe file to install the plugin:

Now I want you to go to and write down the ip address that it gives you. This is your current IP address and later you will see how we will use a proxy to get a differant IP addess, we will use ipchicken again to show you that you indeed have a NEW ipaddress and this will fool ESPN360 into thinking we are on another network thus allowing us to watch the game online.

1.) Go to this address.
It is a list of free proxy servers that are on the .EDU domain.
Note that the status messages are generally worthless.
I just sort the list by clicking on Total under the Users header on the far right hand side of the list and just go down the list until you find one that works.
Try to pick one that doesn’t have a country code like .br or .de at the end, etc. because it will be slower.
I used:
IP Address:

2.) Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools-> Internet Options->Connections Tab- >LAN Settings and check the box “Use a Proxy Server for your LAN”.

3.) Enter the IP address from the list and a port. The ports are always going to be 3128, 3127, or 3124 (unless it says otherwise on the list). I used 3128. In my case I used the following IP Address
Click OK, and then click OK again to get back to Internet Explorer.
Close Internet Explorer.
Relaunch Internet Explorer

4.) Test the proxy server by going to You should now see a completely different IP Address than before. This means things are working!!!

Sometimes you will see a CoDeeN splash page, but it will redirect you shortly. You will see under Advanced, a line that says Name Address.
If you are on the proxy server it should be a different ISP than your usual ISP. If a particular server doesn’t work, pick another one from the list in step #1.

5.) Go to, click on the link that says “Watch Now”.
A new window will open up.

6.) Once Player loads go back to the other window of Internet Explorer.
Go to Tools-> Internet Options->Connections Tab->LAN Settings and UNCHECK the box “Use a Proxy Server for your LAN”.
Click OK, then Click OK again to get back to Internet Explorer.
Note: You can’t turn this off until after you Launch Video Player because it won’t work otherwise.

7.) Switch back to the ESPN 360 window and it should play using YOUR internet connection and not the one through the proxy.
You are no longer using a proxy server, so the video will stream full speed.
Its worth mentioning that Full Speed on ESPN360 can still be a bit choppy at times, but at least you get to watch the game.

8.) Don’t close the ESPN360 window or you will have to turn on the proxy again to get back in.
I usually click it full screen and when commercials come on it will bounce from full to not quite full screen but once the commercial is over it will go back full screen.
Also worth mentioning is the commercials will sometimes appear to be hung, but they are not. Don’t panic. When the time allotted for the commercial is up, the game will resume just fine.
Note: I have noticed that at times it won’t take the same proxy twice in a row, if that is the case you will need to find another one from the list in step 1.

9.) Enjoy The Game!

Here I am watching Southeast LA VS Ole Miss earlier this season on my living room media center pc.


iPhone Earbud Replacement

I absolutely love my iPhone. It is the first phone that I have ever had that didn’t make me want to throw it against a wall at some point. However, the earbuds that same with it have bothered me since the beginning. They never stay in my oily ears and one of them already sounds like its busted and that was around month 5.

I run trails, hike, and bike ride a lot, so its very important to me that the earphones stay in my ears at all times. Sure I could use other sets of earbuds and be happy, but this is where Apple has you. See the ones that come with it control the built in ipod an phone calls perfectly.

You can buy the more expensive($80) apple in ear headphones (which I did and wished I hadn’t) which will surely stay in your ears and sound great, but believe it or not the volume control does not work using these and its well documented. Shame on you APPLE!!

For the longest time I have had great success running with a cheap $10 set of Sony earbuds that wrap around your ear. They sound great too, very loud. Now if only these were attached to my iPhone Cable so I could answer calls and skip tracks, this would be perfect. Hrmmm if only …..

Wait a minute…how hard can this really be? Surely someone else has done this before right? YES it has been done and its been documented already on YouTube.

After watching the video you will know all you need to know about completing this project. It took me all of 20 minutes to complete and its well worth it.

Here is the video.

Here are some photos I took with the iphone of the newly wired set with the blue sony wrap around the ear speakers, and I also took the Apple earbuds and put them back on the Sony cable so they were not a complete waste.

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How To Jailbreak The Iphone 3G with Redsn0w

Hey everyone, sorry for not posting in such a long time. I have a good one today for you Iphone users out there.

In today’s article I will explain how I jailbroke my iPhone 3G.

What is jailbreaking you ask?

The jailbreak is a term used to refer to devices that can freely install and run whatever application the user might want or need. Read more on that here

Please understand that JAILBREAKING is not UNLOCKING your device.  Unlocking is when you free the iPhone to run on other cellular carriers other than ATT. Jailbreaking is a risk free process where you will open the OS of the phone to install and run whatever applications you wish. Also, you can ALWAYS restore your device to the factory state using iTunes, which will vanish the jailbreak modifications.
Everything that was working before this process will continue to work, including all the default applications and pre-installed software’s like AppStore and it’s applications. Jailbreaking will simply just open another door for you to choose a path.

Recently I was visited my my brother-in-law and he had just jailbroken his iPhone. I had always thought I might try this one day but I was scared it would mess up a lot of things like my Itunes account, syncing, corrupt the phone OS, slow the phone down, etc. He showed his phone to me and it was totally fine. He was able to carry on just like before but now there were lots of new tweaks on his phone that I always wanted the iPhone to do, like video record, the ability to block calls like many of my older simpler Nokia cell phones uses to do, and also have a simple battery percentage meter(see below), which just came out on the new 3GS by default but not in the new 3.0 OS update from Apple for the current 3G iPhone. Why Apple Why? See the bottom of this post to see how to enable this nice little feature.

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How to Restrict Logon Hours in Windows XP

Have you ever wondered about an easy way to limit your child’s computer use so that they could get more studying done?

Many of you out there probably have a child that has a computer in his or her room. This is great for academics, but what about when they should be sleeping. Are they up late on Myspace or Facebook till two in the morning? That would not be so good now would it?

Sure you can run to the web and search for a program that will limit their activity by a certain time each night, but how about something free that you can use that’s already in windows?

Yeah you like that word FREE right? I do too!! Let me show you what to do, its easy.

What we will be doing is using a command called “net user” and we will add the “/time” switch to it so that we can tell it when to allow the child to use the computer.

Here are some examples:
net user username /time:M-F,08:00-17:00
net user username /time:M-F,8am-5pm
net user username /time:M,4am-5pm;T,1pm-3pm;W-F,8:00-17:00
net user username /time:all (this allows the user to logon at any time, on any day)

Here is what you will need to do.

Visit the computer and login to it, preferably as an administrator of the computer.
Click on START then RUN and enter CMD in the blank and press ok
A command window will appear.
Next you will type in the appropriate e command using the examples above.
I wanted my child to only be limited to computer use after 10pm on school nights so here is the command I used.

net user USER /time:Su,0:00-22:00;M,7:00-22:00;T,7:00-22:00;W,7:00-22:00;Th,7:00-22:00;

Note: The time is limited to one hour increments, which means you can only restrict the user by one hour (like 13:00, 16:00, not 13:30 or 16:45). You can use the abbreviation for the day (that is, M,T,W,Th,F,Sa,Su)

Tip:You may want to write it down in notepad first and make sure its correct, then copy, then paste into the command window and press enter

One caveat to this is that it will not log the child off if they are already logged in. To put it simpler, if the child is logged in at 9:30 at night and the clock strikes ten, the child can still use the computer. This only limits log in to certain times if the user has not logged on yet.

Thats ok, I have a nice free workaround for that as well. While you are at the command prompt simply type

What this does is force a logoff if the child is 1 second over the time alloted for them to be logged on. It will be fast too, so I hope they are not working on a long paper they have not saved. Hey they know they are supposed to be off at 10pm, so dont come crying LOL.

To undo the time restriction just use net user username /time:all

Now me being the lazy admin that I am, I did all this without leaving my seat. I did it remotely. Do you have several computers in the house and you dont want to tell your child what you are up too? Insert evil laugh here….Muuhuuhaahhaahhaaa

Ok what I used was a tool called psexec from pstools. You can download the set of tools here from Microsoft

I unzip them all to the C:Windowssystem32 directory. Then I open a command window and I typed the following.
psexec \remotepc -u administrator -p privatepassword -c cmd.exe
This gave me a remote command window without me leaving my desk!

Now I simply enter the commands as if I was at that local computer.

You will need to know the other computers password for the admin account, or the username and password of an account on that computer that has administrator rights.

This is what it looked like from my command window. Took all of 15 seconds.
C:>psexec \remote-xp -u administrator -p privatepassword -c cmd.exe

PsExec v1.94 – Execute processes remotely
Copyright (C) 2001-2008 Mark Russinovich
Sysinternals –

Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
(C) Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.

C:WINDOWSsystem32>net user USERA /time:Su,0:00-22:00;M,7:00-22:00;T,7:00-22:0
The command completed successfully.

The command completed successfully.

Well there you have it, a nice free way to limit login to specific times. Hope you enjoyed this.

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