Canned Responses in Gmail

I don’t know how it happened,  I think my email address was sold as a part of a list or something, but I started receiving emails in one of my Gmail accounts about some stupid money making scheme.

At the bottom of the email it had a place to unsubscribe to the email but simply emailing a reply with the subject of REMOVE ME.

I did this several times and I kept on getting emails. I even marked it as spam inside of Gmail for good measure and it still kept coming over to my phones email inbox.

Then it hit me. I remembered that Gmail had lots of filtering features that I could take advantage of.  A simple way to deal with this guy that constantly refuses to remove me from his list would be to set a filter to move his incoming emails to the deleted items folder and I would never see it. But I wanted him to know that I was sending his email to the deleted items.  I wanted a CANNED RESPONSE! Something set up to automatically let him know each time he sent me and email.

I went into Gmail and I knew where it once was but it was gone! This made me mad for a little bit till I looked deeper and Google had moved it to a new tab in the settings called LABS.

On the labs tab there are lots of little tools you can enable to use for your Gmail. Canned Response is one of them.

Here is how you can enable the feature and set up your first Canned Response.

Open up your mail and visit the settings tab

Now click on the Labs tab.

From there scroll down till you see Canned Responses and enable it.

After you have selected enable, scroll to the bottom and select Save Changes.

Now lets setup a canned response.

Compose a new email.

Save the email as a response.

Create a filter for emails you do not like or from people you do not care to get emails from. We will set an auto response for these.

Here I will type who to filter the email from.

Here I will tell it to skip the inbox, and send the canned response. The one I made and saved earlier.

There you have it. Next time I get an email from the jerk, he will get my response and I will never see it.

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