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I often get asked “What is the best Anti-Virus Protection to use?”  and it often leads to a long conversation about which software package is better and why.  A lot of the time everyone is looking for a band-aid when really they should avoid getting hurt. Here is what I mean.

1. First thing I recommend all of you who are plagued with pop ups and malware along with viruses on your Microsoft Windows computers is to sell that piece of crap or donate it and get an Apple Computer as I did. Trust me I work on these windows computers daily and had them at home for the longest time and even with best practices would often contract some crap over time. That all changed when my wife and I got Mac computers. The OS is built different and requires you to enter a password when system files are requested for changes. Windows usually allows you to run as an administrator right out of the gate and that’s no good. Hardly anyone knows how to setup a USER account and not run as administrator all the time. Running as ROOT/Administrator all the time allows malicious items to install themselves silently. You can read more about why it is more secure here

If you cannot afford an Apple Computer here are some suggestions

2. STOP USING INTERNET EXPLORER. That browser has more holes in it than Swiss cheese and it always will. It is the most targeted web browser out there. This will allow many items to get downloaded and run on your computer maliciously.
Start using Mozilla Firefox with the Ad-Block Plus add-on. Most of the malware contracted comes from ads placed on webpages.

3. Pay attention to what sites you are visiting. You are begging to get a virus on some sites. Norton released a list of the top 100 websites where you could contract a virus on your computer.

4. Get you some software to help. For anti-virus I recommend free from Grisoft, Anti Virus Guard or AVG for short. Then I suggest MALWAREBYTES from it is a free program that gets most of the other stuff that is not classified as a virus.

5. Stop with the games. Games are usually bundled with spyware and malware that will slow your computer down. Also do not visit gaming websites. If you want to play games get a game console.

Ok to recap for the Windows users:
Stop using internet explorer, use Firefox
Pay attention to the sites you are visiting
Quit with the games
Install AVG and Malwarebytes and scan your computer occasionally
-OR- skip all of the above and buy an Apple Macintosh Computer.


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