Transfer Voicemails from the Iphone to your Computer

Question: How do I get my voicemails off my iphone onto my computer?

Answer: There are two ways to go about this, the file transfer way and the manual record way.

The File Transfer Way
This will require your phone to be jailbroken.

Don’t know what Jailbreaking is? Read here use the iphone browser tool from Google to look through all the nooks and crannies of my iphone

Once you’re connected to the device using the iphone browser tool, browse to /private/var/mobile/Library/Voicemail/ to view the list of VM files.

From here you can right click the file and save it to your computer.

They’re saved as .AMR files, which QuickTime can play.


The Manual Record Way

If you’re iPhone is not jailbroken (or not even an iPhone at all), you can also utilize your phone’s headphone jack and your computer’s line in.

Connect the phone to the computer using an audio line, usually a 1/8 male to male easily picked up at Radio Shack, and fire up your favorite recording software.
Play the voicemail and record the result with your favorite recording software.
Note, however, that not all phones have standard headphone jacks out—the first generation iPhone has the recessed jack, and other phones often use non-standard headset jacks, too.

As for recording software, the standard windows recorder will not quite work for long messages.

I think it is limited to one minute.

Some great Audio programs to use would be Audacity, or VLC player.

How to watch ESPN360

I know there are several games, football and basketball, that many of us would like to watch on ESPN360 but are unable to, because we cannot get our respective Internet Service Providers to pay ESPN extra for it.

Well follow this tutorial and you will be able to do it!

First things first, if you have never used ESPN360, download the plug-in here (It will save you trouble later) It seems to work best with Internet Explorer.

Right click on the following link, save to your desktop, and double click on the exe file to install the plugin:

Now I want you to go to and write down the ip address that it gives you. This is your current IP address and later you will see how we will use a proxy to get a differant IP addess, we will use ipchicken again to show you that you indeed have a NEW ipaddress and this will fool ESPN360 into thinking we are on another network thus allowing us to watch the game online.

1.) Go to this address.
It is a list of free proxy servers that are on the .EDU domain.
Note that the status messages are generally worthless.
I just sort the list by clicking on Total under the Users header on the far right hand side of the list and just go down the list until you find one that works.
Try to pick one that doesn’t have a country code like .br or .de at the end, etc. because it will be slower.
I used:
IP Address:

2.) Open Internet Explorer and go to Tools-> Internet Options->Connections Tab- >LAN Settings and check the box “Use a Proxy Server for your LAN”.

3.) Enter the IP address from the list and a port. The ports are always going to be 3128, 3127, or 3124 (unless it says otherwise on the list). I used 3128. In my case I used the following IP Address
Click OK, and then click OK again to get back to Internet Explorer.
Close Internet Explorer.
Relaunch Internet Explorer

4.) Test the proxy server by going to You should now see a completely different IP Address than before. This means things are working!!!

Sometimes you will see a CoDeeN splash page, but it will redirect you shortly. You will see under Advanced, a line that says Name Address.
If you are on the proxy server it should be a different ISP than your usual ISP. If a particular server doesn’t work, pick another one from the list in step #1.

5.) Go to, click on the link that says “Watch Now”.
A new window will open up.

6.) Once Player loads go back to the other window of Internet Explorer.
Go to Tools-> Internet Options->Connections Tab->LAN Settings and UNCHECK the box “Use a Proxy Server for your LAN”.
Click OK, then Click OK again to get back to Internet Explorer.
Note: You can’t turn this off until after you Launch Video Player because it won’t work otherwise.

7.) Switch back to the ESPN 360 window and it should play using YOUR internet connection and not the one through the proxy.
You are no longer using a proxy server, so the video will stream full speed.
Its worth mentioning that Full Speed on ESPN360 can still be a bit choppy at times, but at least you get to watch the game.

8.) Don’t close the ESPN360 window or you will have to turn on the proxy again to get back in.
I usually click it full screen and when commercials come on it will bounce from full to not quite full screen but once the commercial is over it will go back full screen.
Also worth mentioning is the commercials will sometimes appear to be hung, but they are not. Don’t panic. When the time allotted for the commercial is up, the game will resume just fine.
Note: I have noticed that at times it won’t take the same proxy twice in a row, if that is the case you will need to find another one from the list in step 1.

9.) Enjoy The Game!

Here I am watching Southeast LA VS Ole Miss earlier this season on my living room media center pc.