President Obama’s New Cell Phone

Ever wondered what kind of cell phone the President of the United States uses? Me too!

I never really knew until now. I often wondered did he use a special satellite phone? If not, does he ever miss calls in remote areas?

It seems that President Obama did not want to part with his crackberry, err umm I mean Blackberry cellular device after his inauguration. As it turns out, he will be able to keep it, but it will be limited to personal use matters only.

For all non personal and business related calls, he will have to use the NSA approved Sectera Edge

There is only one thing that concerns me about this phone aside from the fact that it is almost the size of a brick. IT RUNS WINDOWS MOBILE !!! How secure can this thing really be?


My Top Ten Wish List Items for the Next iPhone Update

Hopefully a new update to the iPhone is on the horizon, possible slated for release next month.

Just in case Apple is listening, here is my My Top Ten Wish list Items for the next iPhone update.

1. Backgrounding – How many times have you been in an application like IRChon for instance (irc chatting program), then had to press the home button to get to your notes or simply answer a call or text message, then when your done you have to relaunch your program and reconnect? This is terrible and I don’t want to resort to jail breaking my iPhone to get this functionality!!

2. The ability to add more than one photo attachment to an email – The last time I attached a photo to email on my iPhone I needed to send three to the same person and had to compose 3 separate emails.

3. Forwarding of text messages – There have been many many times when I have needed to forward a message and cant. Its a real shame something so simple, something that has been a part of text messaging since it began has been withdrawn or overlooked. If I could copy and paste I would copy the message and at least paste it in an email, but simple cannot. This brings me to my next gripe/wish for the next iPhone update.

4. Copy and Paste – We are all tired of asking. Think of how convenient it would be if I could copy text from an email, text message, web page, or whatever and do with it as I wish. I know without a doubt my productivity on the iPhone would increase dramatically. C’mon Apple!

5. Save a text message as a draft or canned response – I am in dire need of this really. I like to have a few canned responses to text message handy and cant do it on the iPhone. Canned responses like “Be right there”, “On my way”, “Call me when you can”, “Cant talk right now”, you get the idea. It would be nice to make these messages and have them saved to drafts or templates as I have always done.

6. The ability to cancel a text message – At this time if you are typing someone, and decide not send them a text, there is no cancel. You can press the back button, or actually its called “messages” or even the home button to get out of it, but you will be right back at the unfinished message when you want to text this person again. Best you can do is backspace over the message, thats it. Who has the time for that? The iPhone is supposed to make all things better. A simple cancel would save much time.

7. The ability to take video and upload it to YouTube or any other video site – This is long overdue, just think of the possibilities.

8. Time and date stamp on photos – This seems like it can be handled with about 3 lines of code inserted into the correct place. This is OS X in your pocket right? Well everything done on it should create a time and date stamp of the actions so why not reflect that on each photo so that I will know when I took it. Instead I have to download them to the computer to know.
Not satisfactory Apple!

9. Organize photos – I think I would be nice if I could create folders and manage my photos on the iPhone. I recently had a folder with many sub folders on my computer and as I used iTunes to move the photos to the iPhone, and everything was organized perfectly on my Windows Computer. Once it was synced, the only folder that stayed true to form was the root folder, all the sub folders I created vanished. Itunes dumbed all 1054 pictures into one folder. Thanks!

10. Do not lock my screen while using GPS – Not sure who to blame here, Google or Apple. When I use the Google Maps as a navigation device, my screen will lock after my preset time. Many use this app as their main GPS in their vehicles. If you are following along the route that Google calculates for you and your screen dims, then 20 seconds later locks, you will have to tap/slide to unlock. This seems like more than you need to be doing while driving. Google should either add the function in the settings to turn the locking feature off while the application is in use, or Apple should maybe not allow the device to lock while the GPS is in use, and their should be a setting to turn that on or off as well.

Feel free to leave a suggestion of your own that you would like to see in the next iPhone update in the comments section.

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AT&T – Fewer Bars in Fewer Places

How many of you out there have the 2g iphone and have yet to upgrade to the newer 3g model?

Sometimes we need a push to get going in the right direction and it seems AT&T is wanting to push its 2g users into getting new phones.

Timothy Butler over at OFB did some sleuthing and found that AT&T is downgrading its EDGE/2G service to the weaker 1900 MHz band. Their response to those with newly-lousy service? Buy a new phone.

What this means is that instead of the “More Bars In More Places” motto that you often hear on the commercials it will be more like “less bars in less places” like inside your homes and offices, and out of the way places.

Additionally, this makes a lot of us wonder what will happen to iPhone 3G users in 2G-only areas? Will AT&T leave the 850 band for them until 3G rolls in? And what about users switching to 2G to save battery life? Will it now come at the expense of their signal?

What about the users that are still in contract that have no way to purchase a new 3g device, whether it be an iphone or blackberry? If your new phone sees a drop in reception and reliability due to a change in network coverage, you have no choice but to suck it up, or buy a new device outright.

AT&T’s executive director of analyst relations, Mark Siegel, is denying reports that salespeople are telling customers to switch from 2G to 3, but that’s to be expected. The really sad part is that AT&T’s 3G service leaves much to be desired, too.

It is not even offered in my area 🙁

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Google Mobile App for Iphone

I just love my Iphone 3G. I have installed many applications from the app store onto it one of them being the Google Mobile App which is very handy. It allows you to search with your voice so you don’t have to type, search using your location making finding businesses, weather, and movie info easy, suggestions appear as you type to save you time, and you can launch Gmail, Google News, and more from one place.

Recently discovered that there is a hidden settings panel called “Bells and Whistles” that lets you customize the colors and sounds. To reveal the new pane, go into Google Mobile’s Settings area, scroll to the bottom of the page, and swipe up several times until the “Bells and Whistles” entry appears. Then tap it to set the applications theme color, sounds (chicken or monkey), and turn on a live waveform for voice search.