How To Setup Email On Your Blackberry

Blackberries are nice, no great, in fact it seems like everybody has one these days right?

One of the nice features that comes along with the blackberry is the push email comes along with it. You get an email address like when you subscribe to the pda plan with ATT. This is fine, but what if you do not want to tell all of your contacts of your new email address? That could be a real hassle.

Instead how about setting up gmail on your Blackberry and making it so that it acts the same as the push email that comes along with it.

Setting up Gmail

One of the faster ways to use Gmail on your BlackBerry is with the installable Gmail application. I will explain the fastest way later on in this post using a sort of gmail “push”.

To download this free app, visit from your BlackBerry web browser.

Then, launch the application with the red “M” icon from your BlackBerry home screen or from the applications folder.

If you also have a personal account, you can add it to this application so you can access both Gmail and Google Apps email accounts from the same place. 

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Your Windows Vista Questions Answered

Q. When I connected to my wirless network, it said it wasnt secure. Why?

A. If you connect to a wireless network that isnt protected with a passkey, then its possible for others to intercept your data. The chances of this happening arent high, but its best to avoid the problem entirely by using wireless encryption. Windows Vista supports two types, WEP and WPA. WEP is older and less secure, while APA is more robust. Check the manual for your wireless router for how to set them up.
Q. Why does the network Icon in the bottom right corner of the screen change sometimes?

A. The icon changes depending on whether you have an active internet connection or not. If your connection is working, it shows a small world globe graphic on the bottom right of the two monitor screens in the icon. If the internet connection isnt working, it just shows the monitor screens. Click on the icon to see which network you are currently connected to; you can click the “Connect to another network” link to search for another netowkr and connect to it. Should you suddenly lose your connection to the internet, you can quickly find out whats wrong by right-clicking the icon and selecting “Diagnose and repair.”
Q. My old windows xp pc only appears at the bottom of the network map, how do I get it to show in the right place?

A. While every windows vista pc should show up correctly in the network map, windowsXP doesnt have the correct software, so windows xp computers pushed to the bottom of the window. Its easy to update them, though. Al you need to do is go to and search for LLTD Responder. Its a very small file so it will be a quick download. Once you have it, double click on it to install it and your windows xp pc should now appear in the network map.


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The Lowdown on BitTorrent

What is it?
BitTorrent is a file sharing system that lets you download really big files quickly.

How does it work?
Instead of downloading a file directly from another persons computer to yours, one person has the file and lets others download chunks of it bit by bit and each chunk that a person downloads is then passed on to the next person and so on and so forth. Its like a daisy chain.

Whats so good about it?

If lots of people are downloading a file, the chances of you being able to jump on and get it are greater than if you had to seek out that one person who has the complete file.
Can I download anything I want then?
Not quite. There are illegal torrents out there, but the BitTorrent community ismaturing with age. The BitTorrent Entertainment Network has recently been announced, and will let you download movies for as little as three dollars.

Ok where do I start?

You will need a BitTorrent client program to download torrents to start with.
You can get the official one at, but I particularly like uTorrent from
Once you have installed it you can click on bittorrent links at websites and it will open the program and them minimize the window so you can use your pc while continuing to download.

Why You Need Skype

Skype is a piece of software that you can download to call other people on Skype over the internet for free and make and cheap calls to any other phones and mobiles worldwide.

I absolutely love Skype and here is why…

Think about this for a second. The unfortunate part about checking our mailboxes is BILLS!

So I get a water bill and a light bill and (used to be) a phone bill.
What happens if I don’t use any water for the month? Water bill shows $0.00.
What happens if I don’t use any electricity for the month? Last I checked $0.00

What happens if I don’t use the phone for an entire month? That’s right, I still get charged like $60.00 or so for fees and the privilege of having a land line phone. At the very least you might be able to get it down to $26.00. This is ridiculous!

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Site Update

Hey all, just updated the site.

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